Enterprise Architect as a Value Stream Architect

In Dell Technologies we have seen a shift in the Enterprise Architect role towards more Lean Principles, leveraging tools like Value Stream Maps (VSM) and Value Stream Mapping to keep the IT Department’s focus on the company’s Business Outcomes. Many of our consulting engagements require what we have been calling a “Process Lead” that helps to build the VSM and keeps the team focused on delivering business outcomes. Dr. Mik Kersten has an interesting article that is in line with what we have experienced with our clients.

“Even as organizations adopt DevOps and other practices, many continue to struggle with creating a holistic view of the value stream of a product from portfolio/feature inception to delivery to customer feedback. The lack of visibility into this continuous flow and feedback loop is due to poorly defined feedback mechanisms and the inability of the organization to anticipate and influence the platforms that automate these processes.”